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Understanding binary, IP addresses, and how subnetting works is an important part of IT. If you're new to subnetting or struggled with subnetting concepts, this course is for you!

  • You want to learn subnetting in a fun and exciting way

  • You are trying to get a certification that requires some subnetting skills

  • Your learning subnetting for the first time, need a refresher, or need a little extra help with subnetting


Andrew Grimes

TechKnow DJ

I've been in the technology field for over 23 years and have been an instructor for even longer. My goal is to show others how to navigate themselves into and through an amazing career in IT and to achieve new levels. Your success is how I measure my success.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Player

    3. Meet Your Instructor

    4. Syllabus

    1. Module Intro

    2. How Computers Work

    3. Number Systems

    4. Binary

    5. Binary Odometer

    6. DEMO: Counting Binary

    7. DEMO: Counting in Binary, Part 2

    8. DEMO: Adding Binary Numbers

    9. DEMO: Binary to Decimal

    10. DEMO: Decimal to Binary

    11. DEMO: Checking Your Work

    1. Module Intro

    2. What is IP Addressing

    3. IP Address History

    4. IP Address Classes

    5. DEMO: IP Address Classes

    6. DEMO: Networks

    7. DEMO: Hosts

    8. DEMO: Network Addresses

    9. DEMO: Broadcast Addresses

    10. DEMO: Network Ranges

    11. DEMO: Address Types, Part 1

    12. Address Types

    13. DEMO: Address Types, Part 2

    14. DEMO: Usable Hosts

    15. IP Addressing Application

    1. Module Intro

    2. Subnetting

    3. Subnet Masks

    4. DEMO: Default Subnet Masks

    5. DEMO: Subnet Masks

    6. DEMO: Subnetting Class C

    7. DEMO: Subnetting Class B

    8. DEMO: Subnetting Class A

    9. DEMO: How Many Bits to Borrow

    10. DEMO: Anding

    11. DEMO: Subnetting Example C-1

    12. DEMO: Subnetting Example C-2

    13. DEMO: Subnetting Example B-1

    14. DEMO: Subnetting Example A-1

    15. DEMO: Subnet Visualization, Table

    16. DEMO: Subnet Visualization, Boxes

    17. DEMO: Address Types, Part 3

    18. DEMO: Determining a Subnet Range

    19. Subnetting Application

    1. Module Intro

    2. VLSM

    3. DEMO: VLSM Example C-1

    4. DEMO: VLSM Example C-2

    5. DEMO: VLSM Table Visualization

    6. DEMO: VLSM Box Visualization

    7. Summarization

    8. DEMO: Summarization

    9. VLSM Application

    1. Module Intro

    2. Hexadecimal

    3. Hexadecimal Odometer

    4. DEMO: Counting in Hexadecimal

    5. DEMO: Binary to Hexadecimal

    6. DEMO: Hexadecimal to Binary

    7. DEMO: Decimal to Hexadecimal

    8. DEMO: Hexadecimal to Decimal

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